Back Office Administration

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We undertake either full remote office management or bespoke back-office administration.

Administration is exactly that: administrative tasks that take time and resource that could be used for valuable fee-earning work and business development. For some, these responsibilities mean having a dedicated internal administration support team but with the majority of corporate administrative activity now manageable online, these services can be delivered from a cost-effective location to the same standard and our office in Malta is well equipped to handle all your corporate needs. Our services are based upon the particular advantages that Malta has to offer: 

  • A highly educated and well-qualified pool of English-speaking professionals with an impressive work ethic.
  • A labour cost considerably lower than most Western European and North American countries.
  • An efficient technological infrastructure.
  • EU member country with an enviable international reputation.
  • Reputable financial centre.
  • Professional confidentiality legislation based on EU model.
  • Political and economic stability.
We can provide full office facilities for ad hoc work, one or more part-time or full-time dedicated employee or employees or a team of professionals to facilitate a Malta branch office as part of your international organisation. Sharing an office complex fully equipped with IT systems and overseen by competent management offers flexibility and makes sound financial sense for your organisation.